Club Titan Poker

Get to Grips with Club Titan Poker.

Titan Poker prides itself in offering the "world's most rewarding online poker VIP club".

Given Full Tilt Poker's demise and the top heavy nature of the PokerStars loyalty program (it is only when you achieve Supernova status that you are entitled to serious cash back), it would be hard to disagree.

How does Club Titan Poker work

The philosophy behind a VIP club is simple. Players generate rake at the tables (usually capped at 5%, so no more than $0.05 from a $1.00 pot), so sites are obliged to offer lucrative loyalty schemes in return.

At Titan, roughly 17 VIP points are awarded per $1 paid in rake. The more you rake, the more points you accumulate. The amount of points you rack up determines your VIP tier and eligibility for certain benefits, such as bonuses and VIP freeroll entry.

Titan Poker offers a "VIP Benefits Chart" which summarises things nicely:

There are nine levels, ranging from the basic "Iron" level to the "VIP Diamond" tier for experienced players. Each VIP level has its owns perks, such as points multiplication (making it easier to generate points), $1,000 weekly freeroll entry and $5,000 monthly freeroll entry. For VIP Titanium and VIP Diamond members, there is a $5,000 Gladiators Race, a rake-race where players can earn up to $1,000 in free cash.

Let's look a bit closer at the numbers.

To reach VIP Bronze level, you need to accumulate a mere 250 points in a month. If 17 points are awarded per $1 paid in rake, this means you have to generate a paltry $14 in rake per month to reach that level! Titan offers a handy "points calculator" to help you figure out your potential earnings. A recreational player who plays two tables of 6-max, NL20 ($0.10/$0.20) for 3 hours a day will pocket over $500 in annual cash back.

What about the serious grinder?

A NL50 player ($0.25/$0.50), who plays for 8 hours a day across 6 tables would pocket a staggering $32k in a year in rewards.

That means even a break even player (NL50, let's be honest, is a very beatable limit with the aid of tracking tools) would pocket a healthy annual salary. A $2/$4 player playing for a similar duration would receive $130k in annual rewards.

VIP points can be cashed in for real money. The $2/$4 player described above would accumulate over 7,000,000 points in a year, and can cash them out for over $120k. Alternatively, a player can exchange their VIP points for tournament tokens. 23,700 points will see you acquire the $215 entry into the $200k guaranteed.

Club Titan Poker is a fantastic loyalty program. A break even player, or even a losing player who plays a reasonable volume of hands, can make money regardless.

Titan Bonus Code

You must enter bonus code 2000DOL in the field for bonus code at the time of your first deposit in order to get the maximum bonus of 200% up to $2,000.