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The iPoker Network has recently risen to become the world's second most popular place to play poker online in the world. What really separates iPoker from other poker sites though isn't so much their huge amount of traffic as it is their dedication to making their poker network as player friendly as they can make it, and this includes ensuring that it is also as fishy as they can make it.

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IPoker has always been one of the fishiest places to play poker, due mainly to their attracting players from non poker sites such as online sports betting and casino operations. They recently have taken this a big step further by cutting many of their member poker rooms due to their not sending enough fish to the network.

If anything is proof of dedication to the players, this definitely is.

So this unprecedented step ended up cutting their revenue substantially in the short term, but they were willing to do this for the sake of their players. This all appears to be almost unbelievable, but what is good for their players is also good for them long term, and this definitely was a nice move for us. Pure and simple, the fishier a poker site is, the easier it is to make money there.

Among the choices that remain at iPoker, Titan Poker has always been a leader, and in fact the Titan Poker's success has really driven a lot of the success of iPoker. The management at Titan has been renowned for years as being among the most player friendly anywhere, and given that we can choose whatever room we want to play at on this network, Titan does stand above the crowd for sure.

Titan and iPoker is a must have for all players

We can't imagine a poker player who wouldn't be very well served by having an account at Titan, from the newest to the most experienced. Titan Poker features a delicious combination of lots of traffic and lots of weak players. There are sites which have lots of traffic but of the less than ideal type, and there are also a lot of sites which have plenty of fish but have thin traffic overall. So when a poker site has both, it's truly the best of both worlds, and something that no player wants to miss out on.

Titan's generosity to its players also stands out

From Titan's extremely generous 200% welcome bonus up to $2000, to their $10,000 in new player freerolls, to their VIP program where players turn points into cash at a nice rate, to their $500 per friend referral bonus, it's plain to see that this just isn't any old poker site. This is just a sampling of all of the great promotions in store for you at Titan.

Titan Poker really understands that in order to win your business, they need to stand out from the crowd, and that's exactly what they do. When you combine all this with all of the great things that the iPoker Network has to offer, particularly its nice and soft competition, then the combination really becomes almost irresistable. If you don't currently have an account at Titan, there is absolutely no reason to resist this fact.


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Titan's deposit and withdrawal options and customer service

Many poker sites offer limited deposit and withdrawal options, and this can be very frustrating. Titan Poker has over 40 different methods to use to deposit, and many of them can be used for withdrawals as well. They also allow you to deposit and withdrawal to and from your bank account, which is an option that can't be beat really.

Titan's customer service is also top notch, especially their 24/7 live chat, where helpful agents are always available to help you without having to wait on hold very long. We have used this several times and always have been completely satisfied with their quality of service.

Get your 200% up to $2000 bonus now. This is the highest bonus you will find anywhere online. In addition you will get $25 added to your account if you use the bonus code 2000DOL.

First Depositors will also be happy to find out that there are a number of first depositor freerolls as an added perk. It is easy to convert your bonus. If you are considering playing at Titan, we are pretty sure the $2000 incentive should be enough to convince you.

Titan Poker summary

We absolutely love this poker site and have been playing there ourself since they opened the place. We have also recommended it to countless players and haven't heard anything but good things from other people's experiences there either.

They don't take players from the U.S. but other than that we can't imagine any reason why everyone should not have an account there. This is a first class poker site from top to bottom. Just click here and you'll also be automatically enrolled in their huge welcome bonus that they have for you, no bonus code needed. Enjoy!

Titan Bonus Code

In order to get this poker bonus at Titan Poker, please input 2000DOL in the field for "Bonus Code" when you register, as shown in the image just above.


Click here to download Titan Poker!