Full Tilt Rush Poker

If proof was needed that Full Tilt Poker is the leader in online poker, they have stroke again, this time by introducing a revolutionary form of poker labeled rush poker.

What is rush poker?

Full Tilt Poker introduced rush poker, which as you could guess is a faster form of online poker. Roughly 5 times faster, so if you sit at a rush poker table at full tilt, you willsee 5 times more hands than at a regular table.

Rush poker tables can only be found at Full Tilt Poker. The way is work is you will have a "quick fold" button. If you do not like your hole cards, you press it, your cards will be folded, and meanwhile you will be transferred to another table, where you get new hole cards. This way no time is wasted when you are card dead.

In a rush poker game, there will be hundreds of players seating at dozens of tables. So if you quick fold, you will instantly be seated at a fresh table, where most of the other players also probably pressed their quick button. This makes the action ultra-fast, around 300 hands played per hour.

This is just one more reason to register at Full Tilt.

Full Tilt Poker Sign Up

When you sign up at full tilt poker, make sure to type the code PBT2009 in the field for referral code. This way guarantees that you will get a 100% match up bonus up to $600 bonus. After making your first deposit, your account will immediately be credited with this exclusive 100% match up bonus.

Then, simply play at real money ring games or tournaments and your bonus will progressively convert into real cash.

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