Older Players vs. Younger Players

old versus young players Older players will most of the time be the guys at the table sitting there playing tight, and then bemoaning bad luck when they happen to lose a pot. The younger players will be the ones in there mixing up their game looking to take down every pot possible.

Most of the time, especially in lower stakes live games, the young players will be the aggressor and the old player will be the passive calling stations.

The reality of it is that young players should run over the older players throughout the course of a game simply from winning pots without having made hands.

The older poker players have most likely been through it all, lost all of their money at some point in time, if not numerous times in the past and just play for recreation as retirees. Older players seem to realize that money shouldn't come and go, but rather be a slow and steady process where you grind out some money to pay bills.

Almost none of the older poker players will mix up their game and gamble in spots if they aren't 100% positive that they have the best hand. Most will look to minimize the loss for a day instead of read players and look to maximize a win.

In general, if an older player is raising you in a hand you are behind in the hand. It is a pretty simple rule to follow if you are a young player. If you see an old guy sitting, playing tight for hours on end folding hands, there is no reason to give them action unless you have a made hand. This is a different perspective than the younger players tend to take.

The younger poker players will look to catch hands, play aggressive, and try to maximize profit on every hand while also maximizing potential lost. The swings tend to be greater and the money seems to come and go easier.

Young players simply haven't been through enough hardships with poker to realize that gambling in hands constantly may give you a short term good run, but in the long term it will catch up to you.

You cannot run well forever and it is a lesson a lot of young poker players will learn at some point. If you are a young player and play a pot against an older player you can categorize them into calling stations more times than not. Almost no older players have the ability to fold top pair or middle pair to one or even two bets.

You should assume that the older player thinks you are always bluffing because almost every time they will think that you are bluffing. You can use it to your advantage when you do have a big hand by betting.

If you slow play hands against old players you will most likely not get paid off because they let you control the betting. If however the old player is betting into you and you do have a made hand, you should let them keep betting. Wait until you feel is best to put in a raise to get value.

If you are a young player you should always be cautious of old players because one hand could come along where you get trapped and lose the stack in front of you, but most of the time you will be able to walk out of a game as a winner just because of aggression.


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