The Titan Poker software

Titan Poker runs on the Playtech software, a leading provider of solutions to gaming operators. This is one of the top software in the industry. This guarantees intesting graphics, all the functionalities required by the modern play, plus a secure and robust infrastructure.

Titan Poker is providing their players the opportunity to play poker at their tables with total game integrity. They aim at developing a relationship of mutual trust with the players. Their mission is to ensure 100% convenience of playing poker at the tables with comfort and confidence.

Titan Poker has designed an excellent software that can ensure members the privacy, game histories, real time transactions on demand and much more. The software is based on 128-bit SSL technology and apart from that, they ensure the best shield in the industry against player collusion, with their expert vigilance. They also offer modern combinations of statistical and analytical tools to their players.

Playtech software

The great thing about Titan Poker is that they believe in the confidentiality of their players. They never shatter the confidence of their members, as they trust on them. They never sell or forward player information to any third party for any commercial or other use unless law requires it. They also reserve the right to inquire from their players about account details and official documents in case of any dispute or requirement. They might require the players to submit the front and back of their credit card, identification card, deposit form of confirmation and documents related to the proof of address.

Titan Poker believes in the integrity of their games. They have teams of humans as well as automated procedures that monitor the possibilities of player collusions and prevent happenance of such incidents at any level.

Player collusion is an unfair practice that falls under cheating where some of the players team up to gain an extra edge over the other players at the table. Titan Poker employs a team of dedicated professionals, who are poker experts, and they monitor all activities of player collusion and do not let any player cheat over the other players at the table. Similarly, there are algorithms designed by poker professionals that help in preventing happening of such events. This makes Titan Poker the provider of peaceful, fair game play and error free environment, which is enjoyable and trusted by the players.

The users of the Playtech's software must know that Titan Poker assures cheating free game in a highly sophisticated manner as they have both the manual and automated systems working with excellence. This system never sleeps as both the procedures work whole day and whole night. They throw the cheats where they belong and never punish any innocent, unless proven guilty. If there is detection of any suspicious behavior by any player and any pattern of player collusion is detected, they sometimes ask for explanations from the players and in cases where the player is proven guilty they remove him.

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