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Sorel Mizzi

Sorel "Imper1um" Mizzi is a professional poker player who specializes in playing online poker and live tournaments. He recently signed as the leading poker pro at Titan Poker.

Sorel's earnings from live tournaments have been noted to be close to $2,500,000 as of 2010. The 24-year old Canadian born Mizzi is yet to win a WSOP bracelet but has found considerable success playing online poker, especially in events sponsored by Full Tilt Poker. Currently, Mizzi heads the team of professional poker players at Titan Poker.

One of Mizzi's biggest winnings came at the Aussie Millions No Limit Hold 'Em event in January, 2010 when he finished in 3rd position and raked in over $600K for the effort. Mizzi also finished on top in the PokerStars sponsored EPT event, Snowfest, again in the No Limit Hold 'Em category. Mizzi is partial towards No Limit Hold 'Em but he tasted his first success in a non-No Limit Hold 'Em event for the first time in June, 2008 when he attempted Pot Limit Omaha at WSOP 2008. Mizzi finished 6th in the 7 Card Stud event at the WSOP this year and raked in a modest $22,235 as winnings. Mizzi is also one of the only two players to win two events at the Full Tilt Poker Series. He won both events within a three to four month span in 2007, first in the $216 buy-in No Limit Hold 'Em tournament and next in the $216 buy-in Pot Limit Hold 'Em tournament.

Mizzi plays under several pseudonyms in the online poker space, but "Imper1um" and "Zangbezan24" are the most recognized ones. Mizzi has had his share of controversies in the past. He has been accused of cheating on more than one occasion. In August this year, Mizzi was accused of plotting to use remote access technology to gain entry to computers based in other locations and alluding to multi-accounting and ghosting in poker. Transcripts of his alleged online chat with fellow poker professional, Steve Weinstein, revealed and indicated that there could have been a larger conspiracy to fix multi table tournaments by playing under assumed identities. Mizzi has since denied all wrongdoings and an investigation into the matter has yet to point a finger at him.

Mizzi carries the ubiquitous 'cheater' tag having served many suspensions for violating terms and conditions of popular online poker rooms such as Full Tilt Poker and PokerStars. He was suspended briefly in 2007 for using remote access to take over the account of his friend, Chris Vaughn, during the course of a Full Tilt Tournament. Regarding the repeated attempts by people to comment on his questionable playing style, Mizzi has commented: "I strongly dislike coming on internet forums to read unfair, untrue, libelous judgments about my character. The only people who have the right to attack my character are the ones who know me well personally and I don't think anyone who's posted thus far does. I don't blame them. As soon as anyone posts anything to defend me they get verbally attacked and accused of 'sticking up for a cheater.'"

Despite all the controversies, Mizzi does possess undeniable poker talent, amassing almost $4,000,000 in poker winnings since he took up playing the game more than four years ago.

He is now the proud face of Titan Poker when playing at live tournaments all over the world.

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